Entrepreneur’s Game of Life

April 8, 2019

Partnership with the Hamel Scholars Program

Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster diversity among student entrepreneurial teams across our campus and state.


The Diversity in Entrepreneurship task force aims to increase awareness of entrepreneurship programs at UNH while educating the student population on the benefits of diversity in innovation.


  • Host a multi-disciplinary event on campus during the spring semester to engage students of varied majors in entrepreneurship.
  • Evaluate the event for future improvements and establish an annual time frame.
  • Research and understand the current demographics of entrepreneurial leaders on campus, including groups such as the Entrepreneurship Club and Rines Angel Fund.
  • Create and distribute educational materials promoting the benefits of diversity in innovation through social media and UNH innovation groups.


This initiative was part of the Hamel Scholarship at UNH, which emphasizes both service and scholarship. I collaborated with the UNH Entrepreneurship Center and my team to organize these events. Our goal was to create a repeatable and adaptable experience that offers plenty of room for creative expression in how the game is played, the prompts, and other aspects.

Fall 2018 Milestones

  • Launched Entrepreneur’s Game of Life as a proof-of-concept, receiving valuable feedback. This event laid the groundwork for a successful spring event.
  • Founded Wildcat Tank in partnership with the UNH Entrepreneurship Club, a Shark Tank-style competition co-sponsored by the Maurice Prize with over $2,000 in prizes.

Spring 2019 Milestones

  • Hosted the Entrepreneur’s Game of Life with 25-30 participants, establishing the fall semester as the preferred time for this annual event.
  • Increased female involvement in the Entrepreneurship Club to 30% and elected a female board member.
  • Formed and mentored teams for the Holloway Competition, including ecoText, Stock Sense, and Ping. EcoText joined the Accelerate NH 2019 cohort, and Ping advanced to the competition's final round.

The Workshop


Provide an experience that will connect students across disciplines over fantasy entrepreneurial ideas. Create a welcoming environment for entrepreneurs of all experience levels to collaborate and learn about the entrepreneurial process in an exciting way. Promote the resources available on campus for all students. Provide enough depth to simulate the real-world without overwhelming participants.


  • Date: April 8th
  • Place: UNH Entrepreneurship Center, 21 Madbury Road, Suite 101
  • Time: 5 PM until 7 PM
  • Event Link


  • Utilize resources from the ECenter and EClub to promote the event.
  • Spread the word through newsletters, posters, flyers, and email blasts to department heads.
  • Create digital flyers for display on TVs in academic buildings, especially the business school.


  • Food and snacks (pizza)
  • 6-8 volunteers to help run stations
  • ECenter swag for participants
  • Handouts for note-taking and station recording
  • Door stops for internal doors
  • Name tags, paper, pens, hallway signs

Preliminary Event (9/17)

A teaser event held during the first EClub meeting to practice the format:

  • Teams of 4-5 worked on creative entrepreneurial ideas within given industries.
  • Teams received three situation cards (Financial, Marketing, Product) and had 5 minutes to brainstorm ideas.
  • Teams presented their ideas and discussed encountered situations.
  • Positive feedback with suggestions for improvement:
    • Expand categories for more variety
    • Provide starting resources to foster creativity
    • Allow more time for explaining the event and debriefing

Event Plan

  • Team Formation: 4-5 members per team, assigned a product, team size, office situation, cash on hand, company strength, and weakness.
  • Stations: Teams rotate through stations, each with unique scenarios, spending 5-7 minutes at each.
  • Off-Stations: Breaks for debriefing and planning future moves.
  • Situations: Focus on early-stage startup problems, facilitated by station helpers who guide discussions and determine outcomes.
  • Game Conclusion: After visiting all stations or a set number of rotations, teams debrief to discuss lessons learned and future plans.

Event Schedule

  • Introduction (10-15 mins): Dylan leads with an activator, introduction, and story, explaining the event’s purpose, objectives, and rules.
  • Game Setup (5 mins): Teams receive their starting situation cards and create a company name.
  • Gameplay (45-60 mins): Teams rotate through stations, guided by helpers.
  • Debriefing: Discuss struggles, successes, lessons learned, and the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration. Encourage networking.

Other Preparation

  • Helpers: Select entrepreneurial-minded student helpers with relevant experience.
  • Training: Pre-event meeting to train helpers on their roles and the scenarios.
  • Pre-event Questionnaire: Google Form to assess participants' experience and interests in entrepreneurship.

This comprehensive event was designed to provide a dynamic and engaging learning experience, promoting entrepreneurship and collaboration among students from diverse disciplines.