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Hi, I'm Dylan. I recently graduated summa cum laude from the University of New Hampshire with bachelor degrees in information technology and philosophy. Built myself, this website serves to provide a sample of my work, projects, and papers.

I founded Triumph Software in high school to launch a professional development logging tool, Loggit, that has since served over 500 educators across New Hampshire and tracked more than 50,000 hours of professional development. Then in August 2018, I co-founded ecoText, a company looking to make college textbooks more affordable for all.

I am a problem solver with ambition and dedication to the pursuit of social change and entrepreneurship. When I'm not tackling challenging problems, I enjoy practicing card magic, staying physically active, and building deep interpersonal relationships while pondering my place in the universe.




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What do I do?

Here are some of my interests


I build tools to improve students' educational experiences.


I believe that our planet should be enhanced, not exploited.


I strive to help the positive development of artificially intelligent tech.


Software is the keystone of the work that I value most.


Decentralized technologies will help keep big tech democratic.


I study the nexus of our preferable futures and their technologies.

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Work Experience

Co-Founder & CTO at ecoText 2018-Present

Primary responsibilities include coordinating/overseeing our technical initiatives, innovation strategies, and development of intellectual property.

Founder & CEO at Triumph Software 2016-Present

Run the day-to-day tasks of the company including full-stack development on the product, customer service, finances, and marketing.

Solution Architect at Bottomline Technologies 2020-2021

Technical architect that designed and integrated business transaction banking solutions for the company's strategic financial institution clients. Applied a deep knowledge of corporate cash management, product configurations, and enterprise design principles to document, design, implement, test, and support system integrations. Owned the customer's success as the thought leader throughout the implementation lifecycle. Architected and executed large-scale data conversions.

Software Developer at York IE 2019-2020

Developed products at York IE Labs. Focused heavily on serverless environments within Amazon Web Services and user interface design and development. Strategized go-to-market product plan.

Associate at Rines Angel Fund 2017-2020

Managed a donor-created fund, which focused on private equity and angel investments in entrepreneurial ventures and start-ups. Performed pre-screening duties and complex due diligence as a value-add for angel groups in New England. Leveraged knowledge of angel and venture capital investment strategies in partnership with the Center for Venture Research at the University of New Hampshire. Designed the Fund's official website.

Artificial Intelligence Teacher at St. Paul's School Summer 2019

Taught high school students artificial intelligence (AI) with a college-level curriculum as part of the Advanced Studies Program. The six-week course integrated computer technology with topics in mathematics, science, humanities, and the arts with the goal of understanding and producing intelligent machines. The curriculum covered everything from the engineering challenges to the philosophical arguments for and against the possibility of intelligent systems.

Software Engineer at Oracle Summer 2018

Oversaw FedRAMP compliance efforts relating to Virtual Cloud Network and Substrate Domain Name System. Fixed code security issues with static code analysis working with inter-team dependencies of over two-hundred people. Orchestrated cryptographic library transition of Transaction Signature API. Trained in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Designed large-scale systems, deployments, and architecture automation.

What's my background?


At the University of New Hampshire, I graduated summa cum laude and with University Honors for my degree in information technology. I learned about software development, project management, and IT infrastructure. These skills helped me build companies in the high-tech space.

Relevant activities:
  • Cryptocurrency Club
  • Cyber Security Club
  • Entrepreneurship Club
  • Senior Project: REDSWARMS

At the University of New Hampshire, I graduated summa cum laude and with University Honors for my degree in philosophy. I learned about the social, ethical, and political implications of AI and other emerging technologies while establishing a toolkit for questioning, reasoning, and problem solving. These skills helped me understand how to dig deep and attack the core of problems.

Relevant activities:
  • Senior Project: AI as a Disinformation Engine
  • Socratic Society
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship 2019

Two-season varsity athlete running cross country, track & field, and playing football. High honors student maintaining a 4.0+ GPA with honors and college-level engineering classes. Performed in seven musicals and plays. Held a board member position in the Bow Schools Foundation, National Honor Society, and Student Athlete Leadership Council. Volunteered as webmaster for several Bow programs and completed computer technical work ranging from firewall security to general maintenance to assisting the elderly.

Studied mathematics at the St. Paul's Advanced Studies Program, specifically game and graph theory. Improved professional writing skills in their Writing Workshop class.

Where do I excel?

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