EXO Freight: Revolutionizing Flatbed Freight Management

May 31, 2022


In May 2022, I joined EXO Freight as a Senior Software Engineer alongside co-founders Kurtis and Kris Tryber. We are dedicated to modernizing the flatbed freight industry through advanced software solutions focusing on operational efficiency and intelligence. Our core product, Pulse, is designed to empower small to midsize businesses by optimizing their freight management, whether through their network or leveraging our expansive network of over 20,000 carriers nationwide.

Impact on the Industry

EXO Freight caters to both shippers and carriers, offering tailored tools that streamline operations:

  • For Shippers: Pulse provides a seamless interface to build shipments and receive accurate quotes using our proprietary pricing algorithm.
  • For Carriers: The platform simplifies managing loads, tracking payments, finding discounted fuel, and bidding on freight opportunities.

My Contributions

As a Senior Software Engineer, my work spans several critical areas:

  • Financial Services Integration: I have been instrumental in writing software that integrates our operations with traditional banking systems, allowing carriers to receive expedited payments—often within minutes, bypassing typical delays associated with ACH transfers.
  • Factoring Business Development: I supported the development of a financial model where we advance payments to carriers upon shipment completion while managing the 30-day invoicing delay. This system provides immediate liquidity to our partners and scales independently to bolster the broader business.

Learning and Growth

This role has profoundly impacted my professional development, teaching me about building scalable software solutions that directly respond to market needs. My journey at EXO Freight has been about more than just engineering; it's about crafting systems that respond quickly to user feedback and adapting our products through continuous iteration and testing.

The Bigger Picture

Our work at EXO Freight is more than just about improving business processes; it's about shaping an industry vital to the economy yet often overlooked. By providing robust and responsive tools, we enable businesses to focus more on their core operations and less on the complexities of freight management. Through technology, we are creating a ripple effect of efficiency and empowerment across the flatbed freight sector.