June 6, 2016


Helpdesk was conceived as a collaborative tool where students and teachers could post articles to provide technical assistance. The aim was to create a readily accessible forum for troubleshooting issues without needing appointments with the IT department.


The project began as an idea from our school's media specialist, envisioning a tech support platform accessible to everyone in the school. It was developed as my Senior Project, laying a robust foundation despite time constraints preventing its full completion.

Key Features

  • Database Integration: Stores forum posts and user accounts.
  • Tag-Based Search: Users can find posts by selecting relevant tags.
  • Previews and Resources: Sneak previews of posts and useful resources displayed prominently.
  • User Accounts: Log-in system with a paging system for navigation.
  • URL Redirection: htaccess file to manage tag URLs.

Implementation Steps

  1. Setup: Copy project files into the site's base directory.
  2. Error Reporting: Configure try blocks to send error reports via email.
  3. Database Configuration: Set up an SQL database with credentials in dbconfig.php.