Reddit Meme Classifier

May 2, 2019


The Reddit Meme Classifier is a project designed to use Reddit’s API to download trending memes and classify them using basic image recognition techniques. The primary goal is to automate the identification and categorization of memes based on their visual content.

How It Works

The algorithm compares any given image to a set of pre-labeled memes stored in the comparisons/ directory. It resizes the comparison images to match the input image and then compares the individual RGB values for each pixel. This method is similar to the Euclidean distance classifier, as it compares against one sample per class.


To run this project, you need to install the following dependencies:

  • numpy:
  • sudo pip install numpy
  • opencv:
  • sudo pip install opencv


To classify an image on your local machine:

python classify.py /path/to/image

To classify an online image resource, add the --url flag:

python classify.py <http://image.url/path/to/image> --url

For verbose output, add the --verbose flag:

python classify.py /path/to/image --verbose

To set a different comparison meme directory, use the --comparisons_dir flag:

python classify.py /path/to/image --comparisons_dir /path/to/comparisons

Future Work

  • Develop a meme rating system.
  • Create a recommendation system based on user ratings.
  • Extend computer vision capabilities to extract text from memes.
  • Further classify and recommend memes using both text and meme type.